Mikayla Carsey - Secretary, Assistant Manager

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What inspires Mikayla is reaching the potential of being a difference maker and to have a faith so great that it could impact the world and make Jesus known.

Mikayla has been with Cross Benefit since its inception. In addition to her role as Board Secretary, as assistant manager she is responsible for managing several aspects of the foundation including; marketing, fundraising,  managing social media, and mentoring student workers. Mikayla decided to be a part of Cross Benefit because she wanted to do something that wasn’t for her and rather to help someone or something bigger than herself.  She believes nonprofit is where humility can fully bloom.

Mikayla Carsey is originally from Ohio. She moved to Arizona in 2009, although it was tough moving far from family, she is majorly thankful that her family made the move. Mikayla has had so many different opportunities in Arizona to grow in her faith and meet incredible people and she could not imagine her life any other way. With her insane onion ring cravings to her obsession with funny socks, life stays pretty entertaining for Mikayla.

Mikayla is passionate about teaching and connecting with the younger generations. She firmly believes that while you are in your youthful years, you can be so incredibly impactful and build a life and world with God at the center. She is passionate about teaching those younger generations how to recognize and use their God-given talents to praise God and advance His Kingdom. This is why she loves what Cross Benefit is all about; helping teens develop skills by serving others.

Serving is also another passion of Mikayla’s. Out of all of the things God has said; to be humble and serve others by far hits her the hardest. She believes that one should not place themselves above anyone, rather look to those around him and serve them and treat them as Jesus himself would. Live a life like Jesus, one full of service and humility.

Bronwyn Gilman - Board Member

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Bronwyn has been a part of the creation and evolution of this foundation. From attending meetings to creating content for the foundation, Bronwyn has had the opportunity to see the progression of Cross Benefit. She finds her inspiration in knowing the difference Cross Benefit will make. After nearly two years, seeing Cross Benefit come to fruition is truly a blessing.

Bronwyn Gilman was born and raised in Arizona and although she had always lived in the desert she has an obsession with anything beach themed. Bronwyn loves the way the beach can make you feel like a free spirit, which goes hand in hand with her passion to travel and explore the world. She also completely loves dogs. Any and all four-legged, furry dogs have a special place in her heart.

Music is another passion of hers and it is something she hope to incorporate in her studies at Grand Canyon University.

Service is extremely important to Bronwyn; she believes it allows you to stay on the right path and teaches you about commitment. She has been volunteering at her local church, Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV), since she was in 6th grade and has done a range of things. Moving through different ministries like passing out communion, coaching 7th grade girls, working in the kitchen, and joining the tech team Bronwyn has acquired many different skills and has learned so many lessons.

Madison Martinez - Board Member

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Madison is passionate about helping people out in any aspect, and making sure that their needs are met. She believes that we are all put on earth to reach others and make an impact on everyone that we come across. This passion helps fuel the drive she must make Cross Benefit reach as many people as God allows.

Madison has played an integral role in the development of Cross Benefit.  She and the other board members worked together to complete all of the necessary tasks to start a new foundation.  She plans to continue working with Cross Benefit while attending Grand Canyon University.

Madison Martinez was born and raised in Arizona and consequently has fallen in love with Arizona sunsets and sunrises. The astounding beauty can only be captured in person but her love for photography presents challenges to try and capture the beauty on film. Dancing and gymnastics has been a huge part of her life but as Madison has been transitioning into a new stage of life, her time is more focused on studying for school and spending quality time with her closest friends and family. When Madison was a little older than one year, her mom and dad went through a divorce and both happily remarried. In 2014, one of her parents went through another divorce. Since then, she has been constantly reminded of God’s love, His provision, and His ability to never leave anyone alone.

Serving is a big part of Madison’s life. She has been serving at her local church, Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV), since April of 2015 in the Kid’s Ministry. To have the opportunity to hang out with kids and help them in their walk with Christ is a huge blessing to her. Every second Saturday of every month Madison also serves with her family and occasionally friends at an outreach event, the outreach events range from serving at food banks to cleaning and renovating shelters. These different opportunities she has to serve have grown her faith and allowed her to grow closer to those she serves with which is an indescribable blessing in Madison’s life.

The idea of making a difference in someone else’s life inspires Madison to work hard. All it takes is one person to make a difference, which is what drives her to serve.

Andrea Seratte - CPA, President

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Andrea is passionate about Christ and enjoys engaging with children, teens and young adults.  As a founding member, working with Cross Benefit aligns with her life’s philosophy that leading children to a relationship with Christ and teaching them how to live generous, responsible, fruitful lives is “caught, not taught”.

Blessed with a career that allowed her to work from home and to juggle her calendar around the needs of her three children, she was often the stop gap for other parents who had no one available to assist with childcare needs. She understands the challenges of finding adequate, affordable childcare and the inherent dangers of leaving children alone.

Andrea also knows first-hand the many challenges that can come with raising teens, as well as their struggles. Mentoring teens and young adults and assisting them with employment is a perfect fit for Andrea and her role with Cross Benefit.

Andrea’s professional life includes several executive management positions with local and national healthcare organizations. She held the position of Vice President of Finance, Medical Rehabilitation Division, NovaCare, and was the VP of Operations, Southwest, for BMJ Medical Management, Inc.  She currently serves as the Executive Vice President for POC Network Technologies, a national provider of healthcare technology and reimbursement solutions.  She is responsible for business development, contract management and customer support.  Prior to joining POC Andrea developed a national healthcare consulting firm that is still operational today. The firm’s services include business development, sales management, product development and process improvement. Her clients include several nationally recognized for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as successful start-up companies.  It was her consulting career that gave her the flexibility of working from home while raising her family.

Andrea completed her accounting studies at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, and received a BS from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.  She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts, and has held a variety of board positions with the Children’s Angel Foundation, Hacienda, Inc.  Andrea is very active in her church, Christ Church of the Valley; serving in several ministries including high school and first impressions.

“Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary, use words”.  Francis of Assisi

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