Get Involved


Cross Benefit runs on volunteers. Without selfless individuals willing to give up time in their days and weeks, the functionality of Cross Benefit would be nowhere near successful. We are always accepting volunteers and if you are interested in a volunteer position please begin filling out the Volunteer Application. Contact Cross Benefit at [email protected] and request a Volunteer Application and a Cross Benefit representative will be in contact with you.

Volunteer Requirements:

Cross Benefits has high standards for our volunteers. We are looking for traits of a strong Christian leader. The requirements for volunteering include completing an application, an interview, and training.

Volunteers must:

  1. Be able to commit to the time requirements involved.
  2. Be a Christian and attend church on regular basis.
  3. Complete a volunteer application and an interview.
  4. Not have a criminal record.
  5. Be able to provide at least 3 references from unrelated adults. Possible references may include; teachers, coaches, or employers.
  6. Maintain at least a C average. (copies of report cards may be requested)
  7. Have good school attendance.
  8. Be well rounded individuals.
  9. Dress modestly when volunteering.
  10. Provide individual transportation.

Just a few examples of volunteer opportunities:

  • Student mentors
  • Student trainers
  • Office and clerical support
  • Fundraising

Cross Benefit has various volunteer opportunities, contact [email protected] to see what opportunities are available at that given time.

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