Get Involved

There are several opportunities to be a part of the Cross Benefit team. Volunteer and employment opportunities exist in almost every aspect of running a not for profit organization. Volunteers to help train and mentor students as well as provide the various services offered by Cross Benefit allow opportunities for almost anyone who wants to get involved.

Cross Benefit has three main areas of involvement, those areas being employment, volunteering, and fundraising. Employment is for students high school age to college age. They will have the opportunity to be employed in child care, tutoring, house cleaning, or yard work. Volunteer spots are for anyone who is interested. There are volunteer opportunities available in nearly every aspect of Cross Benefit, contact [email protected] to see what positions are available at that time. Fundraising is also a huge part of Cross Benefit. Without fundraising Cross Benefit would be unable to employ students to help those who need discounted or free services. The Fundraising Team will plan, organize, market, and run all fundraising events. If you wish to get involved in Cross Benefit please contact [email protected] and a representative will happily talk to you and answer and questions you may have.


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