If you have any questions that have not yet been answered please contact us at [email protected] and Cross Benefit will be more than happy to get those questions answered for you.

Support and Donations:

Q. How can I support Cross Benefit?

A. Prayer is the most important. Praying for Cross Benefit is the best way to support Cross Benefit. Other ways to support Cross Benefit can include onetime donations, monthly donations, referring Cross Benefit to friends, volunteering for fundraising events, etc.

Q.How can I donate to Cross Benefit?

A. Cash, check, and credit donations are all accepted by Cross Benefit. Donating online or by mail are all acceptable ways to donate.

Q. Do you accept non-cash donations?

A. Yes Cross Benefit does accept non-cash donations. Please contact [email protected] and talk to a Cross Benefit representative for more information.

Q.What are my donations going towards?

A. Cross Benefit is a nonprofit organization which means that all donations will be put towards employing students which allows the cost of services to be lowered. Donations will also be used in training students to become successful employees.


Employment and Volunteer FAQ’s

Q. What are the requirements to volunteer?

A. Volunteers must:

  1. Be able to commit to the time requirements involved.
  2. Be a Christian and attend church on a regular basis.
  3. Complete a volunteer application and an interview.
  4. Not have a criminal record.
  5. Be able to provide at least 3 references from unrelated adults. Possible references may include; teachers, coaches, employers.
  6. Maintain at least a C average (copies of report cards may be requested).
  7. Have good school attendance.
  8. Be well rounded individuals.
  9. Dress modestly when volunteering.
  10. Provide individual transportation.

Q.What are the requirements for employment?

A. Cross Benefits has high standards for our employees. We are looking for traits of a strong Christian leader. The requirements for employment include finishing an application, an interview, training, and completion of required training and volunteer hours.  Employees must also meet the following standards:

  1. Must meet all volunteer standards.
  2. Be able to commit to the time requirements involved.
  3. Cannot have a criminal record.
  4. Must be able to provide at least 3 references from unrelated adults. Possible references may include; teachers, coaches, employers.
  5. Students must maintain at least a C average (copies of report cards may be requested).
  6. Students must have good school attendance.
  7. Be well rounded individuals.
  8. Must dress modestly while working.
  9. Must provide individual transportation.

Q.How many hours will I work a week?

A.This will be based off of the job you have, whether you are a caretaker, a house cleaner, or a tutor. This will also depend on the families need for these certain jobs.

Q. How do you select your employees?

A. We select our employees based on their qualifications, educational and work background, availability and willingness to learn and serve.

Q. How long is the training to be a childcare provider?

A. Training time will depend on the individual. Based on previous experience and alignment with Cross Benefit regulations, training will be provided accordingly.

Q. What type of training are employees and volunteers provided?

A. Training is based on experience and the age of the children that will be placed in the employee’s care. At a minimum employees will be trained on the following:

  1. Home safety
  2. Injury prevention and injury management
  3. Childcare essentials
  4. CPR may be included

Q. If I have previous childcare training do I still have to have training from Cross Benefit?

A. Cross Benefits wants all employees to have the same foundation and level of training, which will allow services to be provided in a consistent manner.

Q. How does this differ from a babysitting job?

A. Cross Benefit takes pride in our caretakers. This is not a part time babysitting job; it is a position with an employer, Cross Benefit, Inc.  Our employees receive childcare and safety training and are provided adult supervision throughout their employment.  Employees are expected to follow Cross Benefit’s childcare protocol.

Q. What is the process for placing an employee in a babysitting position?

A. This process includes but is not limited to:

  1. Completion of the application and interview process
  2. Completion of required childcare and safety training
  3. Completion of parent/guardian interviews

Service Applicant FAQs

Q. What do I need to do to apply for services?

A. Email [email protected] and you will receive applications according to your request. After completion of the application, mail or email the application to Cross Benefit and a representative will be in contact with you.

Q. How much do your services cost?

A. The cost of services varies. Based on completion of the financial application Cross Benefit will inform you of the discounted cost you are eligible to receive.

Q. Is financial assistance available?

A. Yes there is available financial assistance. In order to receive financial assistance you will need to apply for it and wait to be accepted or receive the discounted cost.

Q. How do I apply for financial assistance?

A. In order to apply for financial assistance you will need to contact [email protected] and contact a Cross Benefit representative and request a Financial Assistance application as well as a Need Services application. Once these applications are completed you will either mail or email the applications back to Cross Benefit and wait to hear from a representative.

Q. If I have someone I would like to use as my childcare provider, will Cross Benefit employ this person and assign them to me?

A. If you have someone you would like for Cross Benefit to consider for employment they are welcome to complete an application.  If they meet Cross Benefit’s employment requirements, Cross Benefit will consider them for placement with you. However, they are not guaranteed to receive employment.

Q. Can parents/guardians interview the candidates for the childcare position I have?

A. Yes, in fact, this a Cross Benefit requirement. It is important that you feel confident and comfortable with the employee assigned to care for your children.

Q. How long will it take for Cross Benefit to review my application and, if accepted, fill my service request?

A. Cross Benefit will make every reasonable effort to process your application quickly.  Applications must include all required information before Cross Benefit can review your application.  Once an application is approved for service, Cross Benefit will work to place a suitable candidate.

Q. If my application is approved, am I guaranteed that a Cross Benefit employee will be assigned to me?

A. Unfortunately, Cross Benefit cannot guarantee placement. We will advise you at the time of your inquiry for service if we have funding available to fill your need.


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